What’s a community these days? People hardly seem to know their neighbours any more. We strive to be a place where we know each other by name. Glenmore is where you will find friends: people to talk to about what you’re up to, answer questions as you explore the nature of God, as well as people to support you when you need help.


God is the best friend we have! To deepen that friendship, we want to learn more about Him. We invest time in developing our knowledge and love of God through solid Bible teaching.

Sharing the Love of Jesus

Knowing Jesus is such a positive influence in our lives! We can’t help but share with others the good news of Jesus Christ and the eternal happiness that can be found through belief in Him.

Making a difference

We believe that our faith needs to be more than just words! We are concerned about the world around us! We act on our faith by caring for each other, using our God-given gifts to meet the needs of people inside and outside the church.