Sunday Teen Bible Study Starting with lunch after church.

Venue – Glenmore Temple

2:30 pm

Potluck & Bible Study Potluck dinner followed by Bible study.

Venue – home of Kerry & Cheryl Guy.

2:00 pm

Newbury Bible Study Men & women.

Venue – home of Tom & Sylvia Royan.

6:00 pm

Young Adult Bible Study Twice a month.

Venue – home of Michael Royan.

6:00 pm

Monday Cross Stitchers Fellowship.  Knitting or crocheting a gift for someone in need.

Venue – home of Allison Patrick.

7:00 pm

 Wednesday  Craft & Chat  Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday. Quilting, scrapbooking, knitting or your own special talent.

Venue: Glenmore Temple.

 9:30 am
Women’s Bible Study For all ladies.

Venue – home of Sylvia Royan.

10:00 am

Thursday Bible Study with Major Fred Ash For all.

Venue – Glenmore Temple.

7:00 pm

 Saturday Running & Walking Club  For all. Every Saturday.

Meeting at Glenmore Landing. Coffee after at Good Earth.

 9:30 AM
 * For further please contact Church Office