We are extremely grateful for the people at Glenmore Temple, the God-given talents and skills that they possess, and their willingness to share their time and talents with others. Glenmore Temple depends on the selfless act of our volunteers to provide the quality and variety of events that we enjoy week after week as well as for many day-to-day operations of our church. It is important to our church leaders that everyone be given an opportunity to use their gifts as part of their discipleship and worship.

We have created this Volunteer Registration page in order for us to better know and understand your skills and areas of interest. Whereas there may not be a volunteer position immediately available in your area of interest, your registration will let us know that you are available to offer your time should the need arise.

*Please note:
Some volunteer positions may require the submission of an application, a criminal background check, or additional training.

To be added to the volunteer signup list, please complete the registration by providing the following information: